Lots of people ask us about our tzatziki (pronounced more ja-ji-ki than sat-seeki – don’t despair if you’re a culprit) so we have decided to dedicate a post to this refreshingly cool but powerfully garlicky sauce/dip.

The coolness comes from the Greek Yoghurt. It’s important that you use a good strained yoghurt – supermarket “Greek style” yoghurts just won’t cut it – any Greek will agree to that. 

Next comes the cucumber – opinions start to split direction here – some people prefer the “hacked” method, whereby the cucumber is literally hacked into tiny pieces whereas others make good use of the ole grater. The grating method produces a lot of cucumber juice, which you can chuck (booo) or keep for some other concoction (green health smoothie anybody?) In any case, the more juice you squeeze out of that baby (yes, you should get your hands dirty), the better your tzatziki will keep.

Now comes the garlic and this is really down to you and your schedule for the day. Most Greeks would agree that a good tzatziki should contain enough garlic to give the tongue a good burn (never experienced it? You’re not adding enough garlic, my friend) but if we’re off out that evening, we don’t really want to smell like we hunt vampires for a living so we’ll tone the garlic-levels wayyy down.

All you have to do now is add some seasoning, some good extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and squeeze of red wine vinegar should do the trick. Simple is better in our opinion! However, there are regional variations (mint is often added in Cyprus) and personal twists (dill is very popular) but that comes completely down to your tastes!

Will you have a go? Let us know how you got on! Or if you’re feeling lazy, come and buy a pot at one of our locations during trading hours. We promise we’ll have a pot of jajiki, satseeki or “that yoghurt sauce” available for you! No supermarket knock-offs!

Καλή Όρεξη!