Name Days

Name Days

Greece is all about tradition and one such tradition derived from the Orthodox Church is the “name day”. Nearly every day of the year celebrates a different Christian saint or martyr so when someone is named after one of these saints they celebrate their name day on that day.

This past weekend was a double whammy for us with people name Katerina, Stylianos and Stella celebrating on Saturday and Sunday respectively, hence this blog post.

On this day everyone will congratulate the person celebrating and the person with the name day treats those around them to some sweets, much like they do on their birthday in Greece. We had some yummy Greek Ion chocolate as pictured below:

We sell the 70g bars at our stalls so if you are in need of a sweet treat, hit us up!

Here in Britain, it’s the other way around as everyone treats you (us Brits do like to be different) but if you know a Greek living here and you fancy impressing them, tell them “Χρόνια πολλά” (many happy returns) and sort them out with an Ion chocolate bar (we’re gentlemen and ladies for a reason, you know) and you’ll be sure to brighten their day!

Do any other countries out these celebrate the same way the Greeks do? How do you celebrate? What do you think of our tradition of being the gift bearer if you’re the one celebrating? Feel free to comment and let us know if you have a name day and when you celebrate it!

Have a sweet week!